By taking the common understanding as one of the main factors in this struggle into consideration, describing and declearing certain Keywords becomes neecessary.

Here, learn the Keywords!


Oppression – situation in which people are systematically maltreated through unfair
and cruel means to prevent them from having basic opportunities, freedom and
human dignity.

Insecurity – state of not having proper social, material and political security that is
caused by oppression.

Self-organized – a process of being aware of oneʼs self-determination to develop
the demands of individuals in front of the ruling system of oppression. Activity of
self-organized individuals in common understanding and common demands is a

Self-determination – the ability and power to make decisions for yourself because
you know best what you want

Resistance -fighting against something that is attacking you, or refusing to accept
to be attacked. Realizing and questioning the oppression situation is a beginning
of resistance.

Autonomy – is the continuous development of self empowered self determined
resistance as an authority and grass-root activity in political and material

Grass-root activity – self organized movement of the most vulnerable people or
communities being held in the problematic situation made by system of oppression
in society.

Isolation culture – social exclusion and segregation as basic cultural element of
the nation.

Social and institutional racism – carrying and organizing the racism by society
and state throw culture and education systems.

Discrimination – treating one differently, especially in a worse way from the way in
which others are treated as a tool to create insecurity.

State organs – all the means, tools and men-power that are organized or lead
politically or financially by the state.

Political elites – decisions-makers in the ranks of politic, economy, finance system
-“Who has the power, has the right „.

Colonial injustice – injustice is a crucial term as the opposite is justice but justice
by whom in front of who, colonial injustice is directly embedded in „Europeʼs

„Europeʼs supremacy“– racist ideology of the Europe declaring themselves as
superior, partly white supremacy.

Colonialism – when Europe started to conquer, oppress and exploit the other
continents by all kind of violence and brutality. After succeeding to maintain the
dominance and keep the others under control whereby there was never a break.
After so-called independence from colonial masters the power of them still remains.

Neo-colonialism – is only the continuity of colonialism with modern face and same
result. Today the former colonial armies of each of the western nation are joined in
one big colonial army called NATO, in the western ideology the phrase of „white
manʼs burden“ in today terms is export of western values like democracy and
human rights to „civilize“ the others means exactly the opposite as we experience
all the time.