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Political potential of refugee position in EU

The situation of insecurity for oppressed create a space of becoming refugee, which means to refuse to be what oppressor try to lead us to obey by creation of insecurity. Being refugee is a very pure form of resistance.  As the same oppression with the same pattern of insecurity is working the same way within this very advertised European safety, getting into resistance against this situation could be an automatically reaction again.

Resistance by itself is very formal and the understanding of the form is in each presence is completely related to each situation of insecurity. Therefore self-determination is the first rule (cornerstone) of having (to even come into) a position to resist and interpret demands and struggles. For staying in this line to resist in front of what is keeping you insecure, organizing a position to resist must be self-made. If one does not realized its own situation of insecurity under oppression he will never find enough motivation to be self-determined to take his own position by himself and resist.


And here, oppression and insecurity are created by social and institutional racism that are organized and financed by the State organs like education systems, media, the Police and…

This combination of relations builds up isolation as a culture that is deeply involved in individuals in society. EU’s juristic laws are one the examples of this with basis of racism and colonialism.

It’s being big distance between a society who agreed and accepted these laws and us that have not any power to decide or change any of them.

All will show background of European Supremacy that is developed by political elites to make colonialism be legalized and each person becomes a part of it. The role that state organs are play to socialize the crime is unforgettable, also political interests of elites is always kept as marked like European economy. But the role of the nation in process and stream at the time is never disconnected or stop to open a space for existing or born Elites. That is exactly in the opposite side of what they are showing. By presenting and advertising democracy as a defender and keeper of Rights, district the cycling of information and fool the people even false education bases, to obey the laws, to create space for running their business. This is the same way of Europeans in beginning of colonialism to now, by treating whole the world as uncivilized or today as undemocratic, because they feel responsible or had holy orders!

At this time, here, a similar function of colonialism only in different dimension treats and presents the refugees, who are produced by wars, sanctions, interventions, missions exported from here.

In the end just must pay attention and be aware of how colonial injustice keep the oppressor position for themselves by creating insecurity, and produce the refugees to be a reason or bases for state organs to advertise and provoke the nation with social and institutional racism here to save the European supremacy with isolation culture like inside lagers, deportation prisons and criminalize them because of their movements.


It’s necessary to have more clear definition of the keywords used, to have a better understanding of the whole concept.

Learn our Keywords

Structure of Destruction

20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany

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20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany

The VOICE, OUR VOICE will forever be OURS and can never be silenced!!!

“20 years are not enough” – Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion

20 years of active resistance by The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany is a proof that self-organization of the affected persons is the only alternative for the struggle of the oppressed. It is our aim to fight and end the fear and insecurity of being a refugee here in Germany and Europe as a whole.

Founded in 1994 in Thuringia Germany, we, The VOICE Refugee Forum invite you to join us in celebrating 20 years anniversary of refugee self-organization. It is a call for solidarity with grassroots political activism and struggles in Germany and beyond. This Anniversary will be funded only by internal and independent donators to guarantee the autonomy of our resistance.

Our aim has been to fight societal and institutional racism, discrimination and other deplorable and inhuman conditions that refugees are subjected to in Germany. This has been against the backdrop of refugees and migrant rights abuses that are institutionalized through racist laws legitimizing the brutality of the State organs – this, the network of “The VOICE” has been relentlessly confronting since its 20 years of daily engagement and self-empowerment for active resistance.

The anniversary will reflect on the celebration of the longest self-organized refugee movement in Europe and the endless struggles to break the ingrained German state isolation culture and liberate ourselves and the society from the daily discrimination we face in Germany!

This celebration is about ‘You’ as much as it’s about ‘Us’, and hence it’s about our solidarity, our principles, our strength and the victories attained from challenging the injustices we face from the hypocrisy of the political elites and their cohorts who still live in denial of our inalienable rights to human dignity

We celebrate while reviving and reliving the memories of our contributions to the refugee struggles. Remember, the history of our solidarity cannot be complete without acknowledging the sacrifices of the still living and the dead refugees who inspired our survival over the last two decades. Engraving this acknowledgement in our hearts fortifies our strength and aids our success of standing together against the globalized patterns of Imperialism and colonial injustice.

Our persecutors have attempted to divide and rule us, but we have blown their strategy in their face by standing together as a refugee group, united by our principles of justice and equality. Their attempt to intimidate us has failed as we have only become more determined and resolute to stand up for our rights. Their attempt to silence us by cruel and inhuman means has left our voices louder than they can bear as we continue to inspire others to raise theirs.

“We are here because you destroy our countries” a slogan of the Caravan-for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants aptly describes the mechanism of Neo-colonialism that has forced many to live as refugees within and outside our home countries. The meaning of this thought-provoking slogan is reflected in the innumerable examples and means through which Western economic and political interests are destroying our lives and home countries.

We are calling on you to share your inspiration with us. Together, we are inspired to continue our struggles to expose the injustice of the nations, their participation in and making of wars and exploitation because these are the major reasons that force us to flee and migrate from our home countries.  In Germany and beyond, refugee struggles in many cities presently feeling the brunt of our long years of refugee resistance in Europe.

The 20 years anniversary of The VOICE will be marked with five days of socio-cultural and political events from Wednesday 1 – Sunday 5 October 2014 in Jena.

Once again, we shall reflect on the refugee right to freedom of movement and settlement as well as the importance of continued self-organization of refugees by focusing on identifying and defining criminalization through persecution: Main emphasis will be laid on the analysis of deportations as a crime and the atrocity of deportation prisons.

Program:  Unite Against Deportation and Social Exclusion from Wednesday 1 till Sunday 5 October 2014 in Jena

Morning Afternoon Evening
1st DayWed ArrivalSchillergaesschen 5,07745 Jena Action in Isolated Refugee ReceptionCamp in Eisenberg –Rally from 3 to 5 pm. Official opening:  7 pmPioneering the refugee struggles in Thueringen since 1994
3rd DayFri Critical Solidarity Space: Self- reflection and criticism in the Refugee Movement in Germany and Beyond “20 years is not Enough” Workshops-different topics running parallelMechanism of Neo Colonialism – We are here because Europe destroys, exploits and corrupts the refugee countries NATO warfare and the silent war by daily persecution of RefugeesGeneral plenaryAnniversary Ceremony with Concerts   and Theatre
4th DaySat The DETERRENCE: Eliminate the deportation and Break down the deportation Prisons –the way forward Public Rally in Jena andpicnic in the Abolished former Isolation Refugee Reception Camp in Jena Forest with Cultural event Musical jam/partyin different parts of the city
5th DaySun Reports on Refugee International  Tribunal against German Human rights abuses in 2013 Rally in BreitenworbisIsolation Refugee Camp:Close the Isolation Lager Closing: On the Move!Good bye – to racism and discrimination!We want another Germany and Europe without persecution!

There will be Musical jam/party and cultural events to run through evenings of the 20th Anniversary

The VOICE Refugee Forum, Email:  HYPERLINK “”,  HYPERLINK “”

Contact for Orgateam/Cultur:  HYPERLINK “”

Donation Account:  Förderverein The VOICE e.V. Sparkasse Göttingen, Accountnumber 127829, BLZ: 260 500 01                                 IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29, BIC: NOLADE21GOE

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