The situation of insecurity for oppressed create a space of becoming refugee, which means to refuse to be what oppressor try to lead us to obey by creation of insecurity. Being refugee is a very pure form of resistance.  As the same oppression with the same pattern of insecurity is working the same way within this very advertised European safety, getting into resistance against this situation could be an automatically reaction again.

Resistance by itself is very formal and the understanding of the form is in each presence is completely related to each situation of insecurity. Therefore self-determination is the first rule (cornerstone) of having (to even come into) a position to resist and interpret demands and struggles. For staying in this line to resist in front of what is keeping you insecure, organizing a position to resist must be self-made. If one does not realized its own situation of insecurity under oppression he will never find enough motivation to be self-determined to take his own position by himself and resist.


And here, oppression and insecurity are created by social and institutional racism that are organized and financed by the State organs like education systems, media, the Police and…

This combination of relations builds up isolation as a culture that is deeply involved in individuals in society. EU’s juristic laws are one the examples of this with basis of racism and colonialism.

It’s being big distance between a society who agreed and accepted these laws and us that have not any power to decide or change any of them.

All will show background of European Supremacy that is developed by political elites to make colonialism be legalized and each person becomes a part of it. The role that state organs are play to socialize the crime is unforgettable, also political interests of elites is always kept as marked like European economy. But the role of the nation in process and stream at the time is never disconnected or stop to open a space for existing or born Elites. That is exactly in the opposite side of what they are showing. By presenting and advertising democracy as a defender and keeper of Rights, district the cycling of information and fool the people even false education bases, to obey the laws, to create space for running their business. This is the same way of Europeans in beginning of colonialism to now, by treating whole the world as uncivilized or today as undemocratic, because they feel responsible or had holy orders!

At this time, here, a similar function of colonialism only in different dimension treats and presents the refugees, who are produced by wars, sanctions, interventions, missions exported from here.

In the end just must pay attention and be aware of how colonial injustice keep the oppressor position for themselves by creating insecurity, and produce the refugees to be a reason or bases for state organs to advertise and provoke the nation with social and institutional racism here to save the European supremacy with isolation culture like inside lagers, deportation prisons and criminalize them because of their movements.


It’s necessary to have more clear definition of the keywords used, to have a better understanding of the whole concept.

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